Product Guarantee


BF1 Product Guarantee - All BF1 products are with guarantee.


Product Exchange

If you buying the wrong products you can exchange with others products with same value. You can exchange any of our products as per follow :-

a. Product Expired

b. Un-use Products

c. Not Suitable Products

( You just need to pay for the price difference if there is delivery charges and price differences. )


Money Back Guarantee

50% Money Back Guarantee if you return the products within 10 days from the day of received.

Please submit together with :

1. Photo copy of IC or passport.

2. Bank Account number.

3. Letter status reason of return.


Why is only 50% Money Back Guarantee.


1. We provide the Money Back Guarantee because we are confidence with our products can perform the results as per description.

2. There is cost involved such like packaging, label and products shipping cost.

3. If you not satisfied with the product, still can change to other range of BF1 product which same price in 100%.

4. We don't provide 100% is avoid those consumer keep on testing and return the products.

5. We strongly believe on our product effectiveness and fair to all customers pay upon usage.

6. All return good will be dispose. We don't mixed on the new products.

7. We are confidence to said " 99% percent products on the markets dare not provide any Money Back Guarantee as we do."

8. We have set up an open facebook comment on our web, please leave any comment to help us improve.

Thank You.


Terms And Conditions

The Company reserved all right to reject unreasonable return as the terms & conditions as below :

a. Return exit 10 days period.


b. Same customer return - Every customer only can make one times return, 2 nd times will be consider cheating.


c. Result shown before purchase - If you have seen the results yourself before purchase, The Company reserved all right to reject your return.


Best Formula Industries Sdn. Bhd. reserved all right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.


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